The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Easiest “hard” post to write

(PRAISE UPDATE - Rejoicing that this little sweetie has a forever family)  
Advocating for one - basically could you be “Bailey*ix” family????
We are brokenfor well over a month this little guy has rocked our world. Our hearts ache and we love this little boy. We were not really looking to adopt again this soon – or ever unless God made it real clear. This little guys picture came across our path one weekend and two of our kids threw out “Aww, we should adopt him” (God used this before in the past to move us to adopt). On Monday his file was already out for review “Phew-it’s not us Lord you are calling…not our will but yours be done Lord. If its meant to be then we will get his file.”  Then Friday we got his file – “Ummm ok Lord- your will not ours”.  We reviewed his file, sought advice from other adoptive parents with large families (cause you know 7 kids is so much bigger than 6!) other adoptive families, and a mom with an adopted child with the same medical condition as his.  In the meantime there had been a lot of activity and discussion regarding people being interested in him on a Facebook group. So because of that activity and with us not both being 100% the following week we told the agency that so they could show his file to other families again praying “Not our will but yours Lord”.  Here we are a month later and this precious one still doesn’t have a family…. maybe one of you reading this is who God wants as his Daddy and Mommy.

Hubby and I don’t understand what it is about this little guy that breaks us more than all the other waiting children we see daily.  We are still trying to discern if God is calling us to adopt again or not. Hubby's prayed & I've prayed…being on this journey 2 other times and reviewing several files of children over the years we always remember counsel we received from our pastor on decision making early in our adoption journey.  If as a couple you can each answer yes to 3 things:  1. desire 2. opportunity 3. ability, then move forward. We both can’t say yes to all 3 things today– with peace in our hearts - and we never want to go ahead of Gods leading.  We have prayed, fasted, cried, got Godly counsel from a wonderful couple, asked for prayer from our older kids, and while it seems like the “signs” are all there (not that we could ever base our decisions solely on that - because in our flesh we can make any & everything a sign from God)…
we wait. 

So at this point we need to advocate for him….so please prayerfully consider if you are his forever family.

Here is his bio from the agency:
IMG-20141203-WA0001_thumb3BAILEY*IX, male, DOB 5/2011 Special Need- microtia with hearing loss - Bailey*ix is a charming little boy who has been blessed with very good care. He is full of personality and curiosity. He may seem somber in his file photos but that is not his general disposition. Enough cannot be said about this bright eyed and busy little boy who is completely endearing. His official file is old and an update has been requested but rest assured he is capable and while diminished, has hearing. An excellent resource to learn more about microtia is  Bailey*ix is able to run and play. He is close to his foster family and has a doting foster brother who is a familiar happy face to Children’s House International. His big brother will be adopted and it would be wonderful to see him experience his own permanent family through adoption.

2_5_1_thumb1 1_03271_thumb2_1_1_thumb Here are some links to videos of him: Cute video Children's House International made of 4 boys waiting for their forever families to find them

For more info contact Nina at Children’s House International

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