The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

four years ago….HOME

Mar 18, 2011 we headed to the airport for our 2nd trip to Ethiopia –this time to not return home empty handed but this was the trip to have our US Embassy appointment and then bring our son home! Upon checking in at the airport we quickly discovered the airline ticket for our son that our travel agent was unable to bill us for(we were supposed to pay for it at the check in counter) or give us in a printable form was not found in the airline system! Nor could we purchase one without his passport….ugh Satan’s last attempt to stop this adoption! We left the check in counter unsure what to do and unable to reach our travel agent as she was in Ethiopia adopting also. Our adoption case manager advised us to just get on the plane and we could get the ticket issue worked out before we came home. We did not want to get on the plane without his ticket for the fear that we may not be able to bring him home. We began to pray and head to TSA security as we locked eyes with a ticket agent leaving a room heading towards us. We looked at her and she immediately asked if we needed help – she must have seen the panic on our faces. We told her our dilemma and she said I am just coming out of a ticketing class for children!! What??? She then marched over to an empty computer and began to play around with their system. Mentioning something about being in the right place at the right time. She made several phone calls and continued to pluck away on the keypad, even called her supervisor at home and talked to the owner of  the travel agency we went through trying to get the right numbers to find our ticket! ….this lady was relentless in solving this ticketing issue and the whole time being super sweet. She would ask questions about our family and what made us want to adopt. We told her our story and she then let us know that she also is a believer in Jesus and again reiterated the comment she made earlier regarding the fact that she was in the right place at the right time, just coming out of class on children ticketing! Only God! We were thanking her and telling her to just forget it cause we were getting worried we might miss our plane – then at last she got it! We were able to pay for our sons ticket and have it in hand when boarding our plane! Praise the Lord! The other amazing thing was the night before at church we were given an anonymous donation from someone at our church….it was exactly the amount of the lap seat ticket for our son! God is so good. 
   And we are off (again)...                                                    Our ticketing "angel"
On our first trip we did a straight flight from Washington DC to Addis Ababa that was a VERY long flight. I started to feel a little stir crazy/claustrophobic. So this trip we booked it to have a lay over in Amsterdam which was great! Plus great chocolate and a coffee...who wouldn't want that? I was like a kid in the candy store (literally) I was able to buy goodies for my kids at home.
We got in to Ethiopia late at night got checked in our room - tried to get a good night sleep before getting our son the next day.  
Once we got to the transition home I spotted our son and was off quickly to hold him (once again...ahead of my hubby)
The moment this momma had been waiting over 2 months for since our 1st trip to Ethiopia...our son was forever in our arms 
Almaz who ran the transition home our lil guy was at while waiting for us. She said he is so smart always watching what is going on and how things work. “Someday he is going to be a scientist or something like that”
Think that our lil guy was ready to go home…”helping” pack our luggage.
Last meal in Ethiopia before heading to airport - shiro and injera – love, love,love this food! I ate this everyday in Ethiopia (sometimes more than once a day)
March 25, 2011-We made it back to our state! We were welcomed at the airport by our pastor and his sweet wife who were so kind to bring my Mom and our kiddos. Also, one of my sisters,brother in law and one of my nephews.
         Meeting Aunt Jeanette                                         Meeting Grandma
                 our pastor with his wife - so thankful for their friendship
Lil guy is not too sure about this crazy car seat contraption (don't blame him)
Our pastor took us all out to eat after my mom took our older children back to her home so we could try and readjust to the time and get some sleep.
These past four years have not been easy but we wouldn't change a thing. God is so good and we praise Him for our son.

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  1. Awww. I hadn't seen some of these pictures before. I can't believe he was that little! I teared up at the pic of you just reaching for him to take him home. God is so good!