The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Momma’s Day Planner

outside my window…

what I am wearing… pjs –drinking my coffee
what I am thankful for… my husband who loves me always. Answered prayers. Blessing #3 &#4 hysterical laughing where they can’t stop at night.
I am praying for… praise that Baileywix’s family found him and praying for their PA,  little girl in China that needs a family to love her will be having 2nd surgery to remove rest of cancerous tumor from her brain, a team from AGCI is in China this week
I am pondering… Expectations are premeditated resentments - Beth Guckenberger
I am hearing… wind blowing outside, heater running
Around the house… planning what color to paint the Blessing #3 &#4 bedroom (long overdue)
I am creating… (creating lists!) planning what we need to by for next year curriculum
I am reading… still reading my One Year Chronological Bible, also started 31 Days to a Happy Husband and browsing through many books from library
things I love… I love how Gods Word really is the living and active –that it can encourage, challenge, equip, help, soften your heart, reveal sin, show Gods perfect love for us and speak truth to your life.  Also my family – we are not perfect but we are so blessed.
a sweet memory… (couple weekends ago) Spending  the weekend with my oldest daughter and 3 of her friends that drove 7 hours from college to home. They came home so they could watch Blessing #3 & #4 in the Little Mermaid musical they were in. I am very thankful for the sweet Godly young ladies that God has brought into my daughters life.
playing Just Dance on the Wii - yes blessing #4 has blue hair (its from the musical)
from the learning rooms… finished up lessons on The Little Rabbit with younger 2 and working on Easter this week, older 2 are still plugging away at their lessons from My Fathers World (excited to see the end of our school year is getting close!)
from the kitchen… Hubby surprised me with The Instant Pot –excited to try cooking in it
in the library bag… Our library loved us this week! Checked out over 40 various items.
plans for the rest of the week… meeting a friend from church for coffee, art class for older girls, karate & kickboxing for kids and I, waiting for one of our girls rabbits to have its babies, celebrating Resurrection Sunday 
a peek into my world…
Love these two silly girls...they like to goof around with my this momma is gonna blog their silly.

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