The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day - Memory Lane

We let Daddy sleep in as the kids and I hurriedly packed a picnic and loaded the car for a road trip.  We took a day trip to where my grandparents had retired and I spent many summers with them growing up. Hubby and I have several good memories there together also and have always wanted to take our kids there –they moved in with my mom right before Blessing #1 was born (which was a sweet blessing). After we were ready we made Daddy breakfast and told him to get ready for a road trip.
the kids were shocked I even got to drive on the way there
IMG_5409IMG_5426 summer
Blessing #6 thinks burying Blessing #4 is great!
My big kids still like playing in the sand too...Hubby retreating to the shade

We had a great time spending several hours at the beach. The kids (and Dad) enjoyed the lake. It did take some coaxing to get Blessing #5 back in the water once he realized there were minnows in there – he’s a lil spoiled by the clean pool (I completely get it) of course lots of fun with the sand (which I think 1/2 of the beach ended up in our van).  After that we walked around the town which was fun because there was a car show going on which hubby likes (and never gets to do anymore) Daddy and the kids all got ice cream.

We then took a drive to go see my grandparents home. Wow! that was bittersweet so many good memories there and in my mind I went right back to being a kid sitting in their home. I remember them building the house when I was young and it was sad to see how much has changed to the home and the neighborhood since we were there last. Everything is more built up with a modern feel-and a less relaxing feel, its more crowded and even the dirt roads my Grandpa and I would take evening walks on are now paved.


Thankfully this hasn't changed-the path to the private beach at my grandparents where my sisters and I had many fun times together. On the way home we took Daddy to his favorite place for dinner - Chip*tle. It was a fun family day with sweet memories remembered and new ones made.

Lord - I thank you for my Godly husband who loves you and is a wonderful father to the children you have entrusted us with. I praise you for the work you have done in his life. I appreciate how he leads and helps us see you in the way he patiently shows us grace, mercy and love even when we don't deserve it.

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