The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, September 3, 2015

2 years ago today -

Two years ago today we got the call for our sweet littlest princess.  I love remembering her story - so much of it  is one that only can be orchestrated by God. We are very specific to keep our children's stories theirs and won’t share details with anyone but them.  One sweet thing I can share is with our first adoption we knew we were to adopt a boy (that is whole other story) so when God started to stir our hearts to adopt again Hubby and I both decided we were going to be open to either gender and wait to see Gods plan for our family. So when we started the process our agency said based on our house size and bedroom situation we could only adopt another boy. At first we were fine with that thinking that was our answer -God wanted us to have another boy.  As were continued working through our home study paperwork we both were not feeling settled with that decision. We contacted our social worker and told her how we were struggling with this because we really felt like God wanted us to be open to both genders. Thankfully we had the same social worker from Lil guys adoption and she also worked for our agency and was very familiar with our family and our home. She said our home met our states requirements no guarantees but she would advocate for us to our agency just to leave both genders open. She talked with the owner and soon (providentially) we had the okay to leave both girl and boy on our home study.  So thankful God didn’t let us be at peace with only having boy on our home study –thankful for the Christian social worker and agency who understands that Gods plans are always better.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with this little princess who radiates your joy through our home everyday. We praise you for how you write each of our stories and orchestrate it in ways that only you can so that all glory goes to you. May we raise these children you have blessed us to glorify you in all they do and that many generations will know of your goodness.

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