The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

happy 4th birthday

Our little Blessing #6 turned 4! We had a fun day of celebration planned for her special day.  First we had a princess crown waiting for her on her chair at breakfast. She wanted yogurt as her choice for her birthday breakfast so Lil Guy and I made her a yogurt sundae.  She has been asking to get earrings almost since she came  home so we surprised her at breakfast and said that we would all take her to get them pierced for her birthday.
On the way we stopped to visit her brother and sister at their work and to get 4 birthday cake doughnut holes.
Our little princess was excited to get her earrings. She cried a little after they did the first one but she sat nice and still so they could do the second one. After they were done we realized they had a special on the beenie boo animals if you got your ears pieced so she was so happy she got to get a big panda “I got a momma panda for my baby at home” I almost think she was more happy about her panda then her earrings at that moment. A familiar looking spider man happened to show up too (what's a boy to do in a girly store??)
After her ears were all done off we went to a Chinese restaurant in that mall that has noodles she loves, they remind us a lot of the food we had while in her provenience in China. The first time we bought them there she said “Yum I remember these” so it is now a special treat for us to have them. After lunch we took the birthday princess to the Disney store where she was able to spend some of the money she had gotten for Christmas from her grandparents. She bought a huge Frozen doll set. We also went to the Lego store while there Blessing #5 secretly bought her a Lego set to give her later at home.
We left the mall and went to an Asian bakery to let her pick out her birthday goodies(she is not to fond  of cake)  and to the Asian market to get some dumplings and sweet potato buns to have with our Chinese birthday dinner. She is doing well learning to use her chopsticks which is fun to watch her!

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