The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Our mandatory Christmas morning photo. Our kids love it...well not so much but they do love their Mama and tolerate me making them do it. Although they do like looking at all the pictures through out the years now too. Its getting difficult trying to find room to set up 23 picture frames! So, I am thinking I am going to have to put all the pictures in an album, the kind with a frame on front to put the previous years picture on the cover and then file it in album when we do that current years picture. It will be much easier to put that out when we decorate each year.
Our kids like the serious look of old fashioned photos so we always have to do a serious and silly photo!
Love my hubby! This is our 26th Christmas together we would have never imagined our life as full as it is so thankful Gods plans are way better than we can ever think of. Our sweet Dixie gets so excited for Christmas and rummaging through her stocking and ripping open her gifts too.
A princess and spider man visited us...Daddy got a massage 
Momma got a weekend away - Blessing #2 made our lil girl a mermaid blanket
 Mockingjay doll for Blessing #4, art portfolio for Blessing#3, a bracelet from Rahabs Rope for Blessing #2 and a coffee grinder for Blessing #1.
A silly gift for Blessing #4 - Candy Land her smile and laugh!
Homemade gifts peg princesses for Blessing #6, peg superheroes and our family as super heroes for Blessing #5, matching pillowcases for Blessing #3&#4
to match the soon to be new décor in their bedroom, a rag quilt for Blessing #2 to match her dorm room décor, and a photobook of memories for Blessing #1.
Somethings never change...this is an image I have from many Christmas mornings of Blessing #1 sitting on the floor building Legos -now with his little brother

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