The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, January 18, 2016

It’s a New Year-out with the old in with the new

2015 is over and 2016 already has many things that will be happening and some exciting firsts!  Blessing #1 will be spending the majority of his summer serving oppressed people in a poor urban area in another state. Blessing #2 is going on her first mission trip in another country serving pastors for an unreached people group.  Blessing #3 is starting college classes. Also, Blessings #3,4 and 5 are already practicing their parts for a play with a theatre group (first time for Blessing #5). Hubby and I joined our 1st small group with the new church we have started visiting in November. We are hoping to rent a home for a week this summer with my sister and her family. I am looking forward to going to an adoptive moms retreat this year. Our family has been researching and are hoping to  add a standard poodle to our home -she will be a companion dog and will be trained for therapy work.  Hubby and I got away for a weekend recently(thanks to a free hotel stay from our air mileage points) and began working on some short term and long term goals for us and our family so that was fun.

To sum up 2015 I would say it was a year of growth and dependence. As a family we grew in many ways together and individually. A lot of emotional growth from our kids at home. Also, it can be tough having kids of such a big age range sometimes. For our college age kids it is a time of readjusting for them and us when they come home for breaks from college where they are used to living on their own. To then being under our roof with so many younger siblings again. This year it seemed like we all just had a better way of respecting and valuing each others needs while strengthening and really enjoying our time together as a family. Also, we started serving at a weekly food pantry together as a family and that has grown us in ways we never imagined- it is now one of the highlights of our week. Ever since adopting we knew we would need to find ways to add more color to our lives. We live in a primarily white area and attend church for 9 years in a white community. For a while we were feeling it was time to start looking for a church closer to the city so there would be more diversity. In November we started searching. God led us to one that seems to be what our family needed. It is such a glorious representation of all the colors that will be in is truly beautiful. One Sunday there were more "pretty brown" children in blessing #5 class than white...tears from this mommas eyes started to flow. Also, this church is very proactive in serving (what Jesus came for) they are out in the community serving homeless, hungry, refugees and people recovering from various addictions -we love it.

For me 2015 was a year of growth and a deepened dependence on God along with learning its ok to ask and depend on others for help. Early in the year I had a pretty major reaction to an antibiotic that I was on for Lyme's disease that caused me to experience major depression. I have never experienced anything like this before-I now have a whole new compassion for people who suffer with this. I am so thankful for my pastor who met with hubby and I several times to help me with this. His wife - my friend who is so sweet, encouraging and blessed me with meeting for coffee.  I told my sister and older kids what I was going through and thankful that I could depend on them and that they would pray for me. Too often I believe I have to be the strong one and don’t ask for help-the Lord knew I needed to learn humility too. I am so thankful for how God providentially let me know it was the medication I was on. Even after stopping the medication it took a little while for the symptoms to go away and for the medication to completely leave my body. However, on this side of it now I am so glad because in the midst of that time the one thing I knew and could cling to was Gods word and His promises to me. It was the one thing I would do when getting up and it so ministered to my heart and helped me to keep doing the next thing I needed to do for the day.

I don’t really set resolutions but I have in the past picked a verse to meditate on for the year to challenge me in my spiritual walk. This year I will be meditating on:
Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

five years ago today..

Five years ago, almost two years exactly to the date that we decided to follow Gods plan for our family to adopt, and a long flight to Ethiopia we held our son for the first time. No words can explain the flood of emotions we had at that moment -there is nothing quite like it. His Ethiopian name means, "Than you God" to that we say Amen. Adoption isn't easy and it starts with a loss - we thank God for our son. Also for the work He is doing in us individually, in our marriage and our family. Still humbled after all these years that God has chosen us to be the parents of our Blessing #5.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

readjusting again

Both of our oldest children are back at their colleges. Blessing #2 went back earlier this year so she could take a week long class. Just the older four and I went to take her back to school – hubby stayed home with the little two. That was so different than our norm but it was a lot of fun. Also, we are considering adding a standard poodle to our crazy home (that will be another post) basically as a companion dog that will be trained as an emotional/therapy dog. So on the way to her school we met with a reputable breeder to look at her puppies. Lets just say the kids loved the puppies –even Blessing #1 who is a cat lover and we affectionately call John Arbuckle (from Garfield) thought they were great. Blessing #4 now wants to grow up and have a poodle farm! (do not misread and think puppy mill)