The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, February 19, 2016

26 years ago today....

Hubby and I met. We both went to the same college. My room mate Sally was friends with his room mate Guillermo. Sally decided to get a ugly white mouse with red eyes and keep it in our dorm room- which we were not allowed to do - just for the record I hate mice! Guillermo came up to our room one day with my hubby to see Sally's mouse and that is how we met. We quickly became friends and began dating two months later, we seemingly became inseparable at that point. I often say he was my 19th birthday present. We have long passed the amount of time spent together in our life than apart...and in this day there is something so sweet about that. We were not Christians when we met and to me he is a reminder of Gods kind and loving goodness in my life even while a sinner. I am still a sinner - just a redeemed and saved one. For me my husband is an example of Christ:
  • I never had unconditional love - he shows me what that looks like by always loving me in my good and ugly times. Loves me for who I am.
  • always forgives me freely the many time I need it
  • demonstrates his love in deeds and words
  • servant hearted
  • is very patient with me and our children
  • very kind and caring
  • good provider and works very hard to keep a balance between our family and work-his family always comes first
  • dependable he is always there for me
  • compassionate
  • sacrificial
  • trustworthy
  • wants what is good for me and his children-even if he has to say no
  • I am safe with him
  • would die for me- I know if he ever had to he would die for me. There is nothing he wouldn't do to show his love for me.
While my hubby is not perfect; because we are all sinners - he too has his faults. I just thank God for him, he helps me to see Christ and what God has done for me (and mankind) through Christ because of his perfect love.

Dear God, Thank you so much for loving and saving me by sending Jesus to die for me so that I can have hope and eternal life with you. I praise you Lord that you knew the future and for your goodness to me before I knew you to bless me with such an incredible husband -who reflects you. May our marriage always bring you glory.

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