The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sweet 16th

Last week we celebrated Blessing #3 turning 16 -  on top of it being a special year it also its her golden year turning 16 on the 16th.  That traditional typically includes something golden like jewelry. She isn't that fond of gold or jewelry -but we were able to surprise her with a silver ring with the infinity symbol from her daddy.  Blessing #3 is gifted with the talent of art so she goes through sketch books what seems almost weekly and her art supplies run low often. So another gift is her and I are going shopping for art supplies and to get her some new medias she has been wanting. I am hoping to find her a good floor easel for her room. Her younger siblings know her well and stocked her up on candy kisses and gum.
For her sweet 16 she really wanted a party and sleepover (which we typically don't do). We were hoping to give her a surprise party but getting that worked out was a challenge seeing we homeschool and are around each other all day. So we surprised her and told her our plans. Which was great because then she got to help with the planning and picked out crafts she wanted to do with her friends. The party was after our homeschool co-op and several of the girls were friends from there -which was helpful because we just brought them here after. They had so much fun! I seriously think our neighbors could hear all the chatter, laughter and silliness going on from within our house! I loved hearing all the loud happiness from all the girls. I always thank God when I see the sweet, joyful and wholesome friends He puts in my kids lives. One of the girls she has been friends with since they were babies not even walking yet and would play on the floor next to each other (where I met her mom at a woman's Bible study in our town) which is fun to watch the girls grow up.

Hubby was so sweet and took half a day off to be here too and to help drive our youngest two home from co-op. Later in the afternoon he took them to Blessing #5s theater practice and after the three of them all spent the night at his parents house. His parents were so excited to have them come stay (which is really cute and sweet) we are blessed with them.

Dear Blessing #3 - I don't know where the time is going it just seems like yesterday that you, my littlest baby, were placed in my arms. You are an answer to prayer and the first baby I had after the Lord called me to Him. I remember many time during the pregnancy just marveling at the goodness of God and how He creates life and for blessing us with another child. He put the desire in my heart for another child - in spite of cautions given by doctors to not have more children after your older siblings births. I remember how you loved your momma so much, you had stranger anxiety early it started at three months (didn't even like people looking at you) - our doctor said it was because you were so in tuned to your environment and surroundings. You would be comforted by me holding you and sounds weird but I had long hair and you loved it covering you. It was a milestone when you actually went to someone outside your family. One day when you were about 1 1/2 years old at our church you went to an older gentlemen, Him and his wife were from Germany and were dear friends to was such a big deal a picture of him holding you was taken and hung up on the bulletin board at our church! He was beaming that you let him hold you. Your presence in our family is a gift. I love how you can be silly yet serious when working hard, kind, peaceful, joyful, smart and you have a calm spirit unless we are running late, I could go on but Blessing #3 you are special and such a blessing to me.  To quote on of my favorite books " I love you forever, I like you for always. As long as I am living my baby you'll be. "

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