The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend to Remember

Hubby and I had the opportunity to attend Family Life Today - Weekend to Remember this year. We rarely have the chance to get away together alone so this was very nice. It was a great time mostly because we had the whole weekend to talk uninterrupted! The weekend is to encourage couples where ever they are at in there lives. We volunteered and were informed that you have engaged couples coming, couples who just want to have a get away, couples who need help and some even in crisis where this weekend is their last attempt to save their marriage. We have always felt strongly about staying married for life and we felt like we have a pretty good relationship. Not perfect one - we don't expect that with two sinners marrying each other. However we started feeling like something was missing mainly because of the busy in our day to day life and our connection was not as good. We always will love each other but we want to be each others best friend and like each other when (someday) its just the two of us.We went mostly to spend time alone and get new tools to help improve our relationship. On the way there we list four specific goals / prayers for the weekend and all four were answered! God is always so good. We left the weekend with a renewed vision for our marriage and a better oneness. I am thankful to walk this life with my hubby there is no one I would rather wake up to and spend each day with.

Update: If you are interested in attending any Weekend to Remember we have a discount code for $100.00 off any weekend. Recently we joined this ministry team so email us at and we would love to give you the discount code.

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