The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

mothers day outing

                                Two years ago.......                                    Today.......
All my "babies" are home today we went on a family outing for a late Mothers Day. I love seeing them all together and reminds me how blessed I truly am. I was told the month I graduated high school that I may never be able to have children...thankfully God had other plans.  
They are often silly - I have to bribe them to give me a normal picture then they can do silly....
Our girls are so beautiful both inside and out
The wonderful "men" in my life.... 
It was a fun day and another sweet memory. I know these opportunities are becoming fewer as our oldest two are now adults and will soon begin their "grown-up" lives. I am blessed to be called Mom by these treasures. Today I often thought about my Grandma as it would have been her birthday. She passed away when Blessing #3 was a newborn. I still miss her.  She was a very special person in my life and I have many fond memories of her and learn a lot of valuable life skills through her -not only by what she said but mostly how she acted. I know she would have loved seeing all my children.

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