The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our 1st baby turned 22 years old today.

Blessing #1 is starting his senior year in college. It is so surreal how fast time has gone by just seems like yesterday he was learning to walk, talk and read. Blessing #1 has always loved reading, learning and deep thinking. I used to tell him to put the encyclopedia down (that he was reading the 2nd time) to go outside and play! So it just makes sense that he is studying philosophy.
This summer was a little different for our family because he was serving in Denver for 2 months so it seemed strange to not have him home all summer. Denver was good for him and it challenge and changed him in many ways. It opened his eyes even more to the needs and injustices in our society.
It is fun to be on this side of parenting where you can just look back and then watch to see what God is doing in your children's lives.
Blessing #1 with his girlfriend her! She is an exact answer to many specific prayers I have prayed for him since he was little - thank you God!

Dear Father-I know you love our son even more than we do. I pray that you will guide, lead and direct the steps he takes. I know you have plans for him impress them on him as he finishes his undergrad. Ever since he was little he has been a witness for you and your truths -even others have noticed his desire to know you and make you known to others.  Help him to walk in the truth and to share you with others. Guide him to not lean on his own understanding but to lean only on the wisdom that comes simply from you. Keep his heart guarded and on the right path. Lord that he will speak your truths to the people who need you. That he will be a mighty man for your kingdom who seeks only your righteousness and truth.

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