The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We are now Empowered to Connect Parent Trainers

After an intense 8 weeks of course work we are now Empowered to Connect Parent Trainers.
A lot of work went into this but it was so good. We have spent most of our summer reading, watching videos, practicing skills with our kids, writing/rewriting/and re-rewriting, discussing ETC principles and weekly turning in our homework-sometimes at night right before deadline! We had a weekly average of 12 to16 hours of homework and then finished up the training in NJ with 3days/31 hours of in-class time. We were trained by Ryan and Kayla North along with 12 other wonderful couples.

Though it was a lot of work we enjoyed this training and learned so much! It has been life changing for us in the way we parent, how we see our kids, it has given us the tools we need to help them heal. Most of all it has given us a greater compassion for our kids and for us as well and other parents with kids from hard places. Prior to this we had thought we were doing pretty good applying the ETC principles with our kids - about a year ago we were wrestling with how we were not being intentional enough but struggling where to begin with applying it. We realize this is a journey and we have so much more to learn and apply yet a greater hope for our family...its good stuff! Hubby and I had many long discussions throughout the training and it brought back the hope, excitement and goal of being the parents we were and long to be - ones that connect with our kids and have their hearts. We do not/will not get it right all the time which is ok - we are aiming for the 40% mark - practicing with our kids, giving them and us redos and repairing mistakes all help with rewiring the brain. We have seen so much more transformation in our family since we did this training. One of the best parts has been watching our kids be successful in situations where they would have struggled before - the look in their eyes is so encouraging and brings this mamma to tears!

We are so humbled, grateful, excited and little nervous to have this ministry opportunity to share this with adoptive/foster care families in our area. We will begin teaching the courses soon and look forward to the hope it will bring to those families as well as helping us in our home to keep up with this intentional parenting with connection in mind.

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