The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, September 19, 2016

24 years of marriage

24 years of marriage! Since the day we met while still in college we have been together for 9,709 days! We were able to celebrate by going out for Chinese dinner at PF Chang's. We both feel so blessed to have spent more of our life together than apart - we have grown up together…. and are still growing up together. This past spring we were able to attend a Weekend to Remember what a blessing that was - we have always felt we have a good relationship yet we needed a tune up –we learned so much about how God views marriage and that weekend gave us a renewed commitment and vision towards our marriage relationship. I am glad to walk beside my best friend for life.
From that day forward only by God's grace we have lived our vows:
  • lived together after God s ordinance in the Holy Matrimony
  • love her/ him
  • comfort her/ him
  • honor and keep her/him
  • in sickness and in health
  • forsaking all others keep you only to her/him
  • have and to hold
  • for better for worse
  • for richer for poorer
  • in sickness and in health
  • to love and to cherish forever
AS LONG AS YOU BOTH SHALL LIVE - Thank you Lord for the gift of marriage. Even our marriage does not belong to us - it is from you and for your glory. May we walk and live out our marriage in ways that brings you glory and points others to you. Thank you Father for your grace in our life and blessing us way beyond our wildest imaginations. Lord please continue to direct our steps and lead our paths as we seek to follow you with our lives, marriage and family.

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