The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little guy turns 7

I can not even believe it - seven years old feels and sounds so weird to come out of our mouths! All he kept asking for was to have his grandparents over for his birthday - so sweet. We celebrated it last Saturday with hubby's parents - mine couldn't make it. Lil guy was happy Grandfather and Grandmother could come celebrate with him and it was a very nice afternoon. We made him his choice birthday dinner which this year once again was tator tot casserole. We found him some dairy free cappuccino flavored ice cream he could have and made him a gluten free gingerbread cake...he was super excited!
Today is the official day- we did school lessons in the morning. Headed to his and Blessing #6 gymnastics class and he got to hand out goody bags to the kids in his class. While we were gone the older two girls hid his presents which he got to find and open when we came home. He was super excited about his new Batman Lego kit and began building it almost right away!
Dear Blessing #5 you can be such a sweetie and we are so thankful for you. You are an answer to a prayer we had for a long time and we are blessed to have you as our son. It has been wonderful seeing all the growth in you especially this last year. You also amaze us with how smart you are and how well you can read and do math! Thank you for wanting to be our helper often. My heart melts every time I think about last week when we were all praying together and hearing you thank God for giving you a are such a sweet sensitive boy. I love you to the moon .... and back!

Monday, October 17, 2016

1st Weekend to Remember team meeting

Earlier this year hubby and I went to our first Weekend to Remember it was amazing. This summer God lead us to join in the ministry and help volunteer to bring a conference to our area. We had our first Weekend to Remember Conference team meeting recently. There were ten couples at the meeting. It was such a sweet encouraging time of getting to meet each other, sharing testimonies about what God has done and praying for what God will do in marriages through the Weekend to Remember scheduled in our area in 2017. We are very excited about joining this ministry.
If you or anyone you know is interested in attending any Weekend to Remember conference email us at ncetcparenttrainer@gmail dot com and we have a $100.00 off coupon code you can use for any location.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

sweet prayer warrior friends

I am just sitting here crying - some of the women God has brought in my life this past year are such a blessing to me and our family.

I just received this text:
"Just a quick good morning to let you know I prayed for you this morning. I hope __has a wonderful October and the Lord breaks whatever cycle used to happen. In Jesus' name, may ___ know peace."

I love this dear sister in Christ!

I had mentioned a while ago to some people how we tend to have regression during a "trauma-versary" for one of our children which tends to sets our family into a cascading months of negative behaviors.

So this sweet lady lifting our family up to the Father has so blessed my heart and encouraged me this morning.  Another dear friend also recently asked about it and let me know she has been and will continue to be praying for us.

I love how the Lord surrounds you with people who understand, who help you stand firm and give you renewed strength when you want to quit. What a gift to have friends that will encourage like this!

Thank you Jesus for sending these dear women into my life this past year. Thank you for loving us and not leaving us alone. For equipping us on this journey with people who care and will intercede for us. Thank you for the comfort you have given us. May we in all things glorify you.